Jose Lucio is an Author and Illustrator living in beautiful Savannah, GA. His first book, Heave Ho!, was awarded Best New Local Book in 2015 and he received Best Local Author in 2016 from the Readers of Connect Savannah. You can catch him in his personal studio working on projects, or just down the street at the Scribble Art Studio, where he works as an instructor. 

Jose Lucio’s distinctive blend of enchanting art and participatory reading will electrify your students. Every hand will be up in your class, every eye on him, every mouth reading along, and every mind fully engaged in reading, creating, and learning. Your students will be asking when he’s coming back before he even leaves!
— Jaime McGrath, Head of Gifted Program at Windsor Forest Elementary
José is a joy to work with and always a hit with the kids, whether your group is large or small. Every time I’m asked for a local author recommendation, I send them straight to José
— Kady MacFarlane, Savannah Children's Book Festival Chair, 2016-2017
The kids absolutely loved it. They each had their own pictures, and were so excited to show Mr. Lucio. Many of the students also had a chance to buy autographed copies of his book Heave Ho! with their own illustration inside created by José! Truly brought reading alive for the students!
— Joseph Johnson, Teacher Librarian & Instructional Technology Specialist at Otis J. Brock III, Elementary
He was so engaging with the children! They loved the book and were invited to interact with the story. Afterward, they had the opportunity to draw sketches with hands-on assistance from José. He shared his story, art, and writing tips, as well as stickers that accompany the book with them. A wonderful time was had by all. The teachers took the time to come and tell me how much they enjoyed his visit and hope he will return soon. I hope he will too!
— Kelly Shea, M.Ed. Library Media Technology Specialist Jacob G. Smith Elementary School