Phew, June has been jam-packed with all kinds of great stuff! Here's a little bit of what's been keeping me busy. 


We made the trek up to Harrisburg, IL for two great events at the beginning of the month. There was the Harrisburg Book Fair the first day, and then the Summer Reading Kickoff program at the Westside School- I got to wear one of those boy-band headsets and read Heave Ho! to all the folks there. 


After we left Harrisburg, we took our time on the drive back and checked out a lot of sites along the way. We stayed at a lodge in Cumberland Falls, KY and the dogs got to go boulder jumping like little mountain goats as we traveled up to see the waterfall. 

The next day we got to visit some friends in Raleigh, NC and see Amelia who has been a Heave Ho! fan since Day 1! 

The following weekend after we got back from those travels, we headed up to Charlotte, NC to check out the Heroes Convention. It was a great experience, and we got to meet a lot of really amazing artists and legends of the field, speaking of, that's Ed Piskor below signing my copy of Hip Hop Family Tree!

Then I came home to this big surprise; a letter from Congressman Buddy Carter congratulating me on Heave Ho! and our achievements so far! 

Now we're full swing into summer camps at Scribble as the month comes to a close.